What`s the value of Art?

1) The monies received by the artist ?( maybe 100 years ago ) ?
2) The cash received by his heirs 100 years later ?
3) The money his widow receives after the artist himself has died?
4) The price attained by a speculator, after building a museum for it ?


there are four editions:

The unlimited Edition of ASYMPTOTE 2: my price is 9,90€

For this price you get a nice PIECE OF ART but no exclusivety.

If you think: cheap art is no art, you have several possiblities to increase the quality of the art you bought.
( in fact, the movie is EXACTLY the same in all Editions, only the covers and number of copies are different)

THE BLACK EDITION: This is limited to 100 copies: Price 990,-€ per DVD

THE RED EDITION:      This is limited to 10 copies: Price 9900,-€ per DVD

THE GOLDEN EDITION:   This is limited to 1 copy: Price 99000,-€ per DVD  ( sold out )

If you like poor quality( some people do!!), just load down the webmovie. It`s free.

The other editions youl`ll get on best DVD quality.
The originally film ist  4:3 DV